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This is a group based on the "Homestuck" webcomic and its ancestors. This group supports the ancestors and we accept art of all kind - writing, drawing, cosplay - anything as long as it pertains to the ancestors.

:bulletred: All art goes into the "featured" folder; from this point mods decide which folder they should be in. This is to make sure that there won't be any misplaced art in the club's gallery.
:bulletgreen: This group is still beng worked out so things might vary from time to time.
:bulletred: Fighting, spamming and rude behavior toward other members and/or mods will result in kicking out of the group (same with submitting stolen art).

Gallery Folders

Homestuck Ancestors |Handmaid, Discipl, Condesce by GoodDreamPrincess
Homestuck Ancestors | The Handmaid by GoodDreamPrincess

Mature Content

ghb in a bikini by dongoverlord
good day. by agender-kurloz
The Handmaid
smiiiileeee by GiovannaConsolo

Mature Content

Handmaid baby by Abel-Killed-Cain
Handmaid  by AkisameNoSoelu
The Young Handmaid quick thingy by ChinchiLove
The Summoner
The Summoner by Snowpeanut
Never Victorious by CosplayFor2
zillyhoo's painting by Tails-DX
Homestuck- The Summoner by Eland
The Psiioniic - The Helmsman
Necropath by An-Dragonous
Snails by Rimmo
oh 2hIIt by An-Dragonous

Mature Content

Psiioniic's Nude Mornings by sentionavali
The Signless - The Sufferer
Icons - Signless lover by Nerdy-Stamps
The Signless (Homestuck Ancestor) by Toshy3
The Sufferer by smartcookiethepony
The sky is crying blood by Rimmo
The Disciple
9-13-16 (Commission) by IDanceWithAngels

Mature Content

Dayum Disciple by Abel-Killed-Cain
The Scribe by leijar
HS: The Disciple by viwi
The Dolorosa
The Dolorosa by fullmetalshaman34
young dolorosa by thiefofmoon
Mother of Revolution by Avrely
dolorosa by Cafe-Limon
Neophyte Redglare
Worst Magical Legislacerator Ever  by tyrannicalGuardian
R3DGL4R3 by singing-circuitry

Mature Content

Redglare Bby by Abel-Killed-Cain
Redglare by sofear
Marquise Spinneret Mindfang
homestuck by TypheusDenizen
Meh by TypheusDenizen
Mindfang asleep in bed by CathyMouse2010
Mindfang wakeing up and finding out she is a cybor by CathyMouse2010
Executor Darkleer - The Expatriate
Dragonstuck Darkleer by sentionavali
+ [Painting]  Raise Your Weapon + by SignIess
Executor's Downtime by RivkaZ
Darkleer by kattors
The Grand Highblood
sexy GHB by selene-nightmare69
The Grand High Guy by SodaGalaxies
Young GHB by Pencil-White
sea dwellin giant by Clock--Heart
Orphaner Dualscar

Mature Content

Dual-daddy-scar by Abel-Killed-Cain
Armor by MaracaMakara
Hell by Darkdeathqueen
Dualscar (finished product) by LadyAlice227
Her Imperious Condescension - The Baroness
Bendy Condy Pt.1 by cicadacarcass
asdf by TypheusDenizen

Mature Content

Lady Condescension by Abel-Killed-Cain
Condy by M-E-O-W-B
Group art
The signless in a kilt  by P-Y-F
Blep by An-Dragonous
Smol Cuddles by An-Dragonous
The First OT3 by An-Dragonous
Ancestors with descendants

Mature Content

The Malignancies - Homestuck (SPOILERS) by AlcorA5V
Dualeri Sketch by dongoverlord
Megidos Makara by GiovannaConsolo
Trolls and The Ancestors by Zamiiz
Ancestors with humans
Royal death by Pencil-White
Alpha Dave x The Sufferer by DerpingToaster
Crokertier jane, grimbark jade and the Condesce by tuch-nin
HIR - comic by naileM
Ancestors and Felt
Duo by AlinaJames
I Bought Coffins by Black-skin-angel
Time Demons by DatInfernalBeauty
Antagonists' Close-Up by sabovale
Ancestors and others
A-Kon 24 Homestuck Shoot - 35 by kiraskrazylaugh
Davesprite and Mindfang by SketchSong
Amber And Shining Demon by kliudom
REQ 2 - Homestucking by redblacktac
Pre-scratch ancestors
Salv8tion - Aranea Serket by Angevelinka
pre-scratch ancestors-nongif by MICHELANGELO12
gonna off -EVERYONE --gif by MICHELANGELO12
aaannnddd AAAnnncestors by Zamiiz
Beforus ancestors
The Adamancy by heartoverhand
Her Imperial Radiance by tomato-bird
Beforan Nepeta by Raylir
Pre-scratch Feferi by TrollkaRuby

Mature Content

Homestuck: Summoner and Handmaid Ancestors by Jounin-SZ
HS: pale friends by hanshee
handmaid and summoner by Lizard-Breath
Haha, it's 4/13 you fat, nasty trash by Angevelinka
Homestuck Ancestors | The Handmaid and The Discipl by GoodDreamPrincess
huntress and a handmaid by niiiceguts
Down Below by JavaCosplay
Hide And Seek by JavaCosplay
Handmaid and Redglare by severumChameleon
Commission: Redmaid by specialsari
Slip through your hands by AliveArsenic
Peace by AliveArsenic
Darkleer and Handmaid by Plum-Blossom-Sketchy
For The Girl by Sinderlin
Three in the Morning by invalidgriffin
For You by invalidgriffin
+ [Painting] Skies of Alternia + by SignIess
+ [VOTE] [T Shirt Design #1] Take To The Skies! + by SignIess
at summpsii by daveactualstrider
The Psiioniic and the Summoner by urasei
pairings - Mindoner by Nerdy-Stamps
I will always love you by Madty-Cosplay
You are my Fairy Man by Madty-Cosplay
The Last Dance by Madty-Cosplay
SummonerxGrand Highblood
pairings - Highmoner by Nerdy-Stamps
crystal song by Tails-DX
Le Bien qui fait Mal by Angevelinka
The Highblood vs The Summoner by Macabrecabra
Dualscar and Summoner by Charliedzilla
Tumblr- lIKE A bOSS, cOMING SOON, by Kuhn-GU
Tumblr- bITCHIN AND mOANIN, pART2/2 by Kuhn-GU
Tumblr: sUMMONER hAS tOO mUCH sWAG, by Kuhn-GU
HSWC br3: Handmaid x Psiioniic by Rochi-sama
Eternityship by ketolic
Stay with me for awhile by Nadi-Chan
Colorcoded: Finders Keepers by invalidgriffin
pairings - PsiiSign by Nerdy-Stamps
Giving up. by MortemArtist
2-20-16 by IDanceWithAngels
+ [Painting] Ew + by SignIess
Come what may by nachofholograms
Mansciple and Femsiioniic by Izzydactyl
sorrynotsorry by downrighthorizontal
Ask Psii 19 by Kternae

Mature Content

With You by Zankat91
HS: Libertango by Trilies
HS: The Dolorosa + The Psiioniic by viwi
Let me help you by fullmetalshaman34
The Sufferer and the Handmaid by urasei
7-13-16 by IDanceWithAngels
Homestuck - Maid in Suffering by Ral22
triggering the signless by zeldink144
Cutie patooties by NobodyBlues
Tango by GhostoftheShadowz
The Summoner by KuranaMinamino
SignlessxGrand Highblood
pairings - Highless by Nerdy-Stamps
GHBSign Stamp by simonfantic996
GHB and Signless by FemSignless
219 by BlueHeir413
pairings - conless by Nerdy-Stamps
Signless and Condesce: Strife (2013) by DuskglassCosplay
So low, mislead... by Kim-T-Mikk

Mature Content

Condess/Sufferer by Pencil-White
pairings - Signple by Nerdy-Stamps

Mature Content

enter cool title. by agender-kurloz
The First Ship by roundCandle
Forever with you by Vilikir123
Teacher - Ladystuck Exchange by sweet-guts
Disglare by Kternae
In The Gallows by Kternae
discipleglare by Kternae
pairings - Discleer by Nerdy-Stamps
Spared Lowblood by LadyAwesomelyawesome
Quiet like the snow by Angevelinka
The Disciple's Expatriot by Alanaleilani
DisciplexGrand Highblood
The Grand Highblood and The Disciple by AmaterasuXWaka
Disciple vs GHB by BubblesTea

Mature Content

Chucklevoodoo by serpentinesanguinine
GHB Disciple by Unlucky-day-for-Fay
Dolorosa and Signless
Denver Comic Con: Dolorosa by Okami-WolfGod
tfw no homestuck by vwizards
8-13-16(2) by IDanceWithAngels
The Dolorosa by FeatherWings1638
.Sizing Up. by grimalkn
The Disciple and The Dolorosa by LaviaChan
The Dolorosa and the Disciple by urasei
Animeland Wasabi: Momma 'Rosa by Alxmb
pairings - Dolofang by Nerdy-Stamps
and the bottle of rum by Temrak
mindfang x dolorosa by elucidativeIllusion

Mature Content

hmmm by alison-nyash
DolorosaxGrand Highblood
Dologhb by goingGrimdark
A Reprise in the Moonlight by TeMoonschild
Gamcestor and Kancestor by Merrymarshmellow
Oddly Adorable by Kanellaz
No hope in the air, no hope in the water... by GothicSky

Mature Content

Dualorosa by missjulia1
+DoloScar+ by SignIess

Mature Content

Homestuck: Dualrosa by prongsiegannon
Psiiglare agian by FluffnFlight
Another Psiiglare by FluffnFlight
some otp by FluffnFlight
ship day: redglare/psiioniic by myluckyseven
The Sufferer by Lweeb
Redglare, redblood. by frillium
Sorrow by rinnax3
Pietastuck by Areyouonfireyet
RedglarexGrand Highblood
pairings - Grandglare by Nerdy-Stamps
Redglare and GHB by goingGrimdark
Grand Highblood and Redglare by Kirjan00Nestel
Doki by EmpressNairec
Condesce x Redglare by Donomon
Her Imperial Condescension and Redglare comic con by GamzeMakara03
RedGalre and the Condesce acting like Chicknes by CathyMouse2010
Condglare by MetalChairz
pairings - Signfang by Nerdy-Stamps
+ [Painting] [Speedpaint] Heads Will Roll + by SignIess
+ [Speedpaint] Waiting Between Worlds + by SignIess
Commission | Signless and Mindfang by Vit4l
pairings - Redfang by Nerdy-Stamps

Mature Content

VriskaTereziWeek day 6: Ancestors by loopusOMG
Guilty by theicecreamcollie
H4RD JUST1C3 and Unab8ed Freedom - HS by hotpants-onhotwheels
MindfangxGrand Highblood
pairings - Mindblood by Nerdy-Stamps
kjgkghgh by MetalChairz
+ [Commission] GHB X Mindfang by SignIess
Commission for Malacont by oONekomataOo
pairings - Mindscar by Nerdy-Stamps
Push Off by Madty-Cosplay
Hold You Close by Madty-Cosplay
A Dance of Death by Madty-Cosplay
BEST SHIP EVER by Rainbow-man
Oppa Summoner Style by CrazyHarrison
DarkSummoning by Iko-The-Wolf
Highland Meets Shire by The-Concept-Artist
Mindfang Nooooo by Donomon
Seasick Darkleer by Donomon
Things that make Darkleer sad by Littlest-Elder-God
The adventures of Mindfang and Darkleer by Littlest-Elder-God
DarkleerxGrand Highblood
pairings - grandleer by Nerdy-Stamps
Homestuck- Puppet on a string by LittleBaguette
Casual music by MortemArtist
Playing music (digital) by MortemArtist
Empress and Darkleer by Phantom-Shadow
Sam and April by XXXnycmangaluverxxx
What do you think about H.I.C? by ask-fem-Executioner
Grand HighbloodxHandmaid
Time-Travelling Tension by The-Concept-Artist
Highblood and Handmaid by Minty-Illusion
servant time 2 by daft-class
servant time! by daft-class
Grand HighbloodxPsiioniic
grand psiiblood by gelasticat
Commission - GHBPSII by xChrononautx
Down in the depths by xChrononautx
Thegrandmadhatter by xChrononautx
Grand HighbloodxDualscar
Well well well by Goldenstar9852
Answer #671 by DemonCatLady
Answer #633 by DemonCatLady
Answer #628 by DemonCatLady
Grand HighbloodxCondesce
highbloods by bakamada
still hot by Akimichiko
be happy darnit by heartoverhand
does he look like he cares by heartoverhand
Psiioniic and Dualscar - Let's stay together by XionsTwilightTower
Grr by hibikiss
...What? by hibikiss
Cherry Blossoms by hibikiss
Dualsign by kisbe
Commission: Dualsign by specialsari
Moonlit Moirails by trickstersGambit
RP TAROT Lovers by kerink
Dualscar x Disciple by mocoa3
83. I bite my tongue so you don't hear me by Angevelinka
Genderbend ancestors 2 by Razz-Rany
CatFish by kittycat2977
Gifts of affection by empurata
hot damn by gelasticat
Seadweller Ancestors gif - Dualscar and Condesce by steamshade69
Bewitching by DeathNoteBB
queens by Kay-Ehm
.!.!. by alison-nyash
32 by alison-nyash
little handmaid by Kay-Ehm
W4D3R by Emeridan
hate you by kydise
Troll Marriage Counseling by AngelicDevil1612
Submission To The Queen by AngelicDevil1612
It's You I Want ( D.E ) by puppy9922
Disciple and Condesce by ReishiiChan
Death Blow Dazzling by affectionateTea
ancestorstuck 3 by Silk-Ward
+ If Lost Return To Mindfang + by SignIess
Never tell by Ranshiinsitha
Mindfang+Condesce by aquarianGemini
Request: Black or Red? by Tripower
Other ships
Homestuck: I Choose You, Disciple! by CosplayerWithCamera
Dorks Commission by Krooked-Glasses
Unlocking the Book by Cacophony-Orchestra
Mustache Vandalism - HSWC 2014 Bonus Round 4 by Hysterical-Woman
Ancestors with OCs
amairani x dualscar 2 by selene-nightmare69

Mature Content

meeting amairani by selene-nightmare69
wwhat wwe havve here by selene-nightmare69
hater dance by selene-nightmare69
OC Ancestors
- Homestuck FANcestor: The High Priest (Var.). - by ChicaTH
Under The Moon by MonochromeDemoness
His Serene Highness - Homestuck OC by nyotarussian
the Huntress by MonochromeDemoness









Yo, it's Angevelinka here and I have an important message for y'all.

Cafe-Limon is trying to get commissions to pay fines. He is drawing for people for only 10 $, so if you have a couple of bucks to spare on awesome art, get some!

"My email is for my paypal!
I draw pretty much everything except non-con and scat. I'd really really appreciate it! I'm not the greatest artist but i think I can make people happy."

Examples of Cafe-Limon work:



Hey guys, Its Lunar here! Thank you all for the fantastic watches and submissions. I am looking into doing a real cool Homestuck plushie giveaway here real soon for all you wonderful members. So yeah for those of you interested be looking forward to when I post the journal! Thanks for all your time please have a fintastic day!
More Journal Entries





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